Can I Choose My Own Doctor?

Pursuant to OhioBWC Rules, an injured worker has the right to choose his or her own health care provider. However, if your doctor is not a BWC Certified Provider then BWC or the Self Insured Employer will not be liable for payment.

Most medical providers giving care to injured workers are BWC Certified, but it is your responsibility to make sure before you start treatment for your BWC claim.

Is my doctor BWC Certified? You can always check the status of your doctor on the OhioBWC website.

Click here to find a BWC Certified doctor near your home, whether you live in Ohio or any other state.

You are entitled to change your physician of record at any time, so long as the intent to change is filed in writing, using the BWC C-23 Form . Treatment requests and documents submitted by medical doctors (M.D.s), doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O.s), and chiropractors (D.C.s) can all be considered in a workers’ compensation claim.