Permanent Partial Disability

This is the award for the permanent, but partial disability (damage done to your body) that you suffer as a result of your work injury.

Unlike compensation you receive from a personal injury claim, Workers’ compensation does not pay for “pain and suffering”. Workers’ compensation pays for the limitations in the range of motion in your injured body parts.

The usual examination inspects your ability to twist, bend, flex, etc. This is known as rotation, extension, flexion. There are other factors which are taken into consideration in the physical examinations.

Currently, Ohio Workers’ Compensation relies on the American Medical Association’s Guideline to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment in setting the percentage rating of permanent partial impairment, which the hearing officers then convert into permanent partial disability ratings.

If a claimant’s permanent partial disability increases over time, an application seeking an increase to the prior Permanent Partial Disability award may be filed.

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