An Injured Worker is entitled to seek a settlement award for his/her workers’ compensation claim.

Older Claims May Have Settlement Value – Click Here To Find Out More

The settlement is called a lump sum settlement and it closes the entire BWC claim.

Make-More-money-picEven if the Ohio BWC agrees to settle a claim with an injured worker, should the employer refuse to settle, the claim cannot be settled.

Under Ohio Law, an Injured Worker can choose to settle the monetary aspect of the claim and leave the medical benefits ‘open’. However, the OhioBWC and/or the employer both have to agree to this type of settlement. Currently, the Ohio BWC normally is not willing to settle a claim and leave the medical treatment component open. However, this should be discussed in detail with a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist. There are Pro’s and Con’s to a partial settlement.

If you are interested in obtaining a lump sum settlement for your OhioBWC claim, please contact Gruhin & Gruhin. We will be happy to discuss your claim with you at no charge. At times, it is smarter to continue processing your claim for additional compensation and medical treatment instead of seeking a lump sum settlement and that’s why you need the expert guidance of a Board Certified OhioBWC Specialist Attorney.

We will tell you whether or not, in our professional opinion, you should or should not settle your Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation claim.