There is No Offset between Ohio Work Comp Temporary Total Disability and O.P.E.R.S. Disability

We see many questions coming across the internet from people receiving TTD wondering if there is an offset against their OPERS disability money. The answer is NO OFFSET.

People working for a public employer are covered under the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System. In the event of a disability OPERS award, any funds obtained are not reduced by compensation received through an Ohio Workers’ Compensation.

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I’m Worried About Being Found MMI by the OhioBWC !

People who are injured on the job in Ohio and are unable to work normally receive temporary total disability (TTD), which is a wage replacement paying a percentage of your full weekly wage and your average weekly wage.

However, as its designation states, it is TEMPORARY total disability. So, it will end at some time in the future when your condition reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI). MMI is reached at a point where medical treatment will not improve your medical condition – basically you […]


When should an Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim be settled and how much is your OhioBWC claim worth?

Every day, Injured Workers seek information on what is the settlement value for their particular claim. They are probably wondering when a Workers’ Compensation Claim should be settled and how much is the claim worth? The problem with that question and the results of internet searches just won’t give you the answer because.

Let […]

Ohio Workers’ Comp – Amputations, Loss of Use, Facial Disfigurement

Ohio Workers’ Comp – Amputations, Loss of Use, Facial Disfigurement

The Ohio BWC compensates injured workers for amputation injuries, loss of use awards, loss of vision, loss of hearing, and facial disfigurement. In the case of such disabling work injuries, representation by a Board Certified Ohio Workers’ Compensation Specialist Attorney should be obtained. Currently, the Ohio Work Comp System is highly litigated and an unrepresented work injury victim just can’t go it alone and expect all […]

Did Your Employer’s Violation of a Specific Safety Rule Cause Your Workplace Accident?

Did Your Employer’s Violation of a Specific Safety Rule Cause Your Workplace Accident?

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Division of Safety and Hygiene established Specific Safety Rules to protect Ohio’s workers from unsafe work practices. If a Specific Safety Rule has been violated, the injured worker has the right to seek an additional monetary award through a VSSR (Violation of a Specific Safety Rule) Application.

Some common safety rule violations are:

Removal or absence […]

8-17-12 Effective Date for Major Change to the OhioBWC C-84 Process – Be Prepared – Don’t Jeopardize your TTD !!

Effective 8-17-12 Two (2) new forms will be used by the Ohio BWC for the payment of temporary total disability. Make sure you are prepared for the change so your TTD payments are not jeopardized.

The current C-84 Form was a two-sided form. On the front, the injured worker completed information stating last date worked, the fact that he/she was still not working, responding to some other miscellaneous information, and signing and dating the form. The injured worker’s doctor then completed the […]

High Court May Weigh In on Police Taking DNA

High Court May Weigh In on Police Taking DNA
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday signaled its interest in resolving a clash over the constitutionality of laws that authorize police to take DNA samples from people who have been arrested but haven’t been convicted of a crime. Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. suspended an April ruling by Maryland’s highest court that struck down one such law, writing that there was a “fair prospect” the Supreme Court would reverse the Maryland Court of Appeals if the […]

My Ohio Workers’ Comp Claim was Denied – Now What?

My Ohio Workers’ Comp Claim was Denied – Now What ?

Many times, Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claims are denied when an injured worker has a legitimate work injury claim, but just doesn’t know how to handle the claim and navigate the bureaucratic maze of the Ohio BWC and the Medical Care Organizations (MCO).
That’s where Gruhin & Gruhin comes to the rescue. Gruhin & Gruhin represents and protects the legal rights of Ohio Injury Victims.
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There comes a time when “enough is enough”. What we need is a coalition of injured workers and Ohio Unions to get on the band wagon and let the elected representatives in Ohio that their jobs will be on the line come election time.

Injured workers’ rights have been reduced and , unfortunately, the onslaught against benefits is continuing.

In the past, when an injured worker suffered a loss from amputation, contracture, or ankylosis, the BWC paid out the loss award in bi-weekly amounts until […]

Ohio Injury Attorneys, Gruhin & Gruhin – Check out our Latest Client Video Testimonial

“Hello, My name is Rafael. I’m a past client of Mr. Gruhin. Several years ago he helped me with a case that I had, a work injury that I had. I am very pleased with the service I got from Gruhin’s office and their help going through the process, which can be very intimidating for a first timer. Myself being a young father at the time, he really guided me through the process. I really believe that all the help I got from this office in getting through that chapter that I had to get through really […]