Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that a police officer’s unaided visual estimation of a vehicle’s speed is sufficient to support a conviction for speeding.

Check out this video and see how Ohio residents felt about this verdict and pass it along to your friends and co-workers.

In the 2010 decision of City of Barberton v. Jenney, the Ohio Supreme Court struck a blow to the person’s right to be presumed innocent. According to our Ohio Supreme Court, if a police officer is trained, certified, and experienced at visually estimating vehicle speed, the officer’s visual estimation is sufficient to support a conviction for speeding, even without independent verification.

As a result of this recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling, Ohio’s residents are subject to the human biases and imperfections that all police officers are subject to. In addition, without the use of a radar gun, there is no physical evidence that can be reviewed by the accused or the courts at a later date.

Something is wrong with the Ohio Supreme Court. This November it is time to make a change on our Ohio Supreme Court. Vote for Mary Jane Trapp and Eric Brown. It is time to end the injustice!

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