which wayYou are found to be at MMI. Your temporary total disability ends. Now what?

It depends on the specific facts of your claim, but in general the following actions can be taken:

1) see if your doctor feels that your claim can be amended to include a new diagnostic condition, either physical or emotional. If you obtain a new claim condition/allowance, you will have new and changed circumstances. You would be entitled to seek temporary total disability compensation from the date you were last paid.

2) At any time during your claim, while you are on Temporary Total Disability, you can seek entrance into Vocational Rehabilitation. In VocRehab, you are eligible to receive Living Maintenance compensation, which can lead to Living Maintenance Wage Loss for a period of 200 weeks for pre 8-25-06 claims and for a period of 125 weeks for post 8-25-06 workers’ compensation claims.

3) Go back to work and wait the statutory time to apply for your injury money. If you are returned to work with restrictions, you may be entitled to seek working wage loss. Again, depending on the actual date of your work injury, you are entitled to either 200 weeks of wage loss or 125 weeks of wage loss (see item 2 above for claim date requirements).

It is best if you discuss this finding of MMI with your attorney. If you don’t have an attorney, you should get one ASAP. Look for a Certified Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Specialist.

Feel free to call Mike Gruhin at Gruhin & Gruhin. He would be happy to discuss your claim with you.

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