thank youIn today’s busy world, we always talk about sending out that thank you letter, etc. But, somehow, we never get around to it. So, when we receive a thank you email or note from a client, it really makes us feel great.

As you can tell from the comments contained in the following email, Gruhin & Gruhin keeps working hard on all of our client’s claims, no matter when the injury date took place.

From: GARRY S.
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 8:21 AM

I Just want to say thank all of you for the service that you have provided me all these years. Never stop using that comercial, “when you get hurt on the job the first thing the Job does is call their Lawyer, you should Call me, Hi I’m Michael Gruhn” ect. It was the first thing I saw after my surgery in 1992 and Michael came to my hospital room. I am truely greatful.

God Bless you all,