depression2Most people don’t think about the emotional consequences of an injury, but you should be aware of the fact that a depression component (or other emotional conditions) can be made part of your allowed Ohio work injury claim.

If you’ve been severely injured, if your injury has kept you off work for 6 months or more, if you injury has caused a dramatic change in your enjoyment of life (giving up hobbies, become reclusive, irritable, etc.) you need to consider whether you are suffering from a situation depression caused by your work injury.

Surprisingly, many attorneys are not ‘tuned-in’ to this type of work injury flow through claim. If you have discussed this with your attorney and have not gotten feed back that a psychiatric or psychological condition should be looked into, you probably need to find another lawyer!

At Gruhin & Gruhin, we have successfully obtained emotional overlay conditions for our workers’ compensation clients. We fight to make sure every needed condition is included in our client’s workers’ compensation claims.

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