injured-worker.jpgTemporary Total Disability

My injury hasn’t healed and I can’t go back to work yet – How do I get paid – How do I feed my family?

An injured worker who misses more than seven days of work as a result of their injury, may request payment of temporary total disability compensation. This is the compensation an injured worker receives during the period of inablity to return to work.

An injured worker who misses less than 7 days of work does not receive any temporary total disability compensation for the work days missed. The computation of days does not include the day you are injured or the day you return. The days counted include weekends, whether you work weekends or not.

If the worker is temporarily and totally disabled from working for less than twelve (12) weeks, compensation is paid based upon the worker’s earnings in the week prior to the injury (or earnings in the six (6) weeks prior to the injury). If the injured worker is unable to work for more than twelve weeks, the rate of compensation is based upon the worker’s average weekly wage for the year prior to the injury.

Compensation paid when you are unable to work as a result of an allowed Ohio BWC claim. Workers’ Compensation pays 72% of your Full Weekly Wage for the first 12 weeks you are unable to return to your job. From week 13 and on, you are paid at the rate of 66.667% (2/3) of your Average Weekly Wage. It is extremely important that your FWW and AWW are correctly set. If they are not, you will not receive the correct amount of weekly compensation payments.

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